Pear in its own juice for the winter

Fragrant pears in their own juice - a delicious dessert that will pleasantly surprise guests on winter evenings. The taste of the fruit becomes more saturated after canning. Useful trace elements that make up the product, partially stored (up to 90%). The fruit contains various vitamins (most of all vitamin C). Among the trace elements in the first positions: folic acid, iodine and potassium. Therefore, doctors recommend including a juicy product in the diet to maintain human health and efficiency.

Whole cooked pears can be served as an independent dessert. They always delight adults and children with their aroma and taste.

Pear in its own juice, cut into pieces, the hostess is used as a filling for pies and cheesecakes. Fruit is perfectly combined with cinnamon. Therefore, they are often connected.

Pear, cut into slices in its own juice, can be used to make jelly and beautiful desserts. Fruit is served with a gentle cottage cheese, natural yogurt.

Juice from the can also be left unattended. You can drink it, diluting to taste with boiled chilled water.

Terms and conditions of storage

It is desirable to store banks with a pear in its own juice in a cool dark place. The cellar is perfect. But, as practice shows, conservation is well worth it in the apartment conditions (in the pantry room, on the balcony under the curtain or on the shelves). The shelf life of such conservation is 3 years. But usually such a delicacy diverges in the first cold months.

Open a can must be cleaned in the refrigerator. Change the metal cover to a clean nylon. So that the pear in its own juice does not ferment, it costs a ladle to get it out of the can. Be sure to keep it dry and clean. In the open bank in the refrigerator can stand for a week.


Pears in their own juice - a real find for a good housewife. Such a dish will pleasantly surprise even the most capricious guest. It is important to remember that the fragrant dessert is not only very tasty, but also very useful.