Carrot Cascade

Carrot is a unique vegetable crop. It is used not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology and medicine. Root vegetables are especially loved by admirers of a dietary, healthy diet. In domestic latitudes, it can be found almost in every garden. Beginners and experienced farmers from a wide variety choose for themselves the best varieties of this vegetable. These include carrots "Cascade". You can see the root crop of this variety and learn about its taste, agrotechnical features below.

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External description and taste of the root

Cascade variety carrots contain significant amounts of carotene and sugar. This composition affects the taste and appearance of the root: the bright orange pulp is exceptionally juicy, sweet. Sweet vegetable is widely used for making fresh salads, vitamin juices, baby food.

Important! In the trace element composition of carrots "Cascade" account for 11% of carotene.

To obtain the required daily dose of carotene, it is enough to consume 1 carrot of this variety per day.

In addition to carotene, carrots are rich in other useful microelements. So, it contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, iron, magnesium, vitamins of group B, PP, K, C, E.

For connoisseurs of aesthetic qualities grade "Cascade" is a godsend:

  • the shape of the root is conical;
  • cross diameter is 3-5 cm;
  • length up to 22 cm;
  • weight at the level of 50-80 g;
  • no cracks, bumps.

Confirmation of such an ideal description are reviews gardeners and photos of vegetables.


Lilia Vasilyeva, 47 years old, Yekaterinburg For many years of experience in growing carrots, she tried many varieties. But some root vegetables gorchat, some grow curves or low weight. Two years ago, on the advice of a relative, I tried a variety of "Cascade" and was pleasantly surprised: the carrot had been completely roasted, as if it were a tasty, sweet selection. The yield of the variety was very high. Carrots are great for preparing salads, fresh and canned. When storing does not rot and does not fade. In general, no complaints about this variety, I advise all gardeners to try it. Andrew Vaytovsky, 64, Yaroslavl This year I tried to sow the variety "Kaskad" for the first time. Carrots really liked to taste. Despite the fact that the cottage often did not work and care for the ridges was poor, the crop was struck by the quantity and the external quality of the roots. For the future, this sort of note taken by me.