When to plant cucumbers for seedlings in 2019

To get a fresh crop of cucumbers earlier, gardeners plant seedlings in the ground. There are a lot of tips on how to properly grow it at home. Ready seedlings are placed in a moistened soil. An experienced gardener will provide young plants with shelter in the form of a special film.

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What days to plant cucumber seedlings

To seedlings well caught on the bed in 2019, it must be planted on time. If you wait until the plants bloom on the windowsill, after planting in the soil they can not give a harvest.

On average, 20-25 days is enough for seedlings, and she will be ready to move to the garden bed. Focusing on this period, you can calculate when in 2019 it is time to sow cucumbers for seedlings. Planted in the ground need plants that have 2-3 full leaves. In 2019, the ideal time for planting seedlings falls in the second half of April and May.

Important! It is possible to plant cucumbers in the ground in warm weather, provided that at night the air temperature is +5 degrees and above.

Cucumbers are planted in the following order: first, greenhouse self-pollinated varieties, then cucumbers for film shelters, the latter for open ground. The terms for seedlings in 2019 are as follows: