Annual flowers for flowerbed: photo with names

It is impossible to imagine a garden without flowers, and if perennial flowers and shrubs require careful selection and conscientious care, then with unpretentious annuals you can plant most of the site without much hassle. Moreover, if something does not suit you in the color scheme or peculiarities of flowering of this or that plant, next year you can either freely change their arrangement, or even plant completely new flowers.

This is one of the secrets of the extraordinary popularity of annual flowers - they can grow out of seeds in one warm season, bloom, leave offspring and go into oblivion.

Therefore, every year the flowerbeds can be re-planned and the monotony of your garden is certainly not threatened. If you are an adherent of permanent compositions, even in this case nothing prevents you from sowing your favorite annuals from year to year and enjoying their flowering. Moreover, in favorable conditions, many of the annual flowers are able to multiply by self-sowing. Therefore, in spring you will only have to thin out too thick seedlings or plant them in new places.

In addition, many of the unpretentious annual flowers are able to bloom for quite a long time - for two, three or even four months without a break. Some of the annuals, of course, will require periodic rejuvenating pruning or removal of dried inflorescences for such a long flowering. And others, blooming for a not so long period of time, you can simply periodically add seeds to vacant places throughout the season. And after 40-50 days after sowing, they will be able to please you with a diverse palette of colors.

There is a set of annuals that are grown in the garden almost exclusively for their enchanting aroma.

Tip! If such flowers are planted near the entrance to the house or near window openings, then you can enjoy their aroma on warm summer evenings, even inside the house.

This article is devoted to unpretentious one-year flowers for flowerbeds that bloom throughout the summer.

Variety of annuals for flower beds

When talking about annuals, which are designed to decorate flowerbeds, I mean, above all, plants that will grow in your garden in just one season. It is not necessarily they will be annual flowers in their biological essence. Many of the most beautiful flowering unpretentious plants that decorate flower beds for only one season, refer to perennials, for example, petunia, begonia, salvia, verbena, snapdragons. If desired, they can be saved by bringing boxes or flowerpots with flowers into the house. Thus, their flowering can be continued almost until the winter, or if there are suitable conditions (cool temperatures, plenty of light), you can save them even until next season. But that's another topic.