How to prepare hydrangea for winter in the Urals

More recently, the range of growth of this sensual and beautiful plants limited to warm countries with a mild climate. Now this royal person conquers all large areas. And the closer to the north it grows, the more troubles gardeners have in the fall. The harsh climate of the northern regions dictates its own conditions. And the lower the thermometer falls, the more attention is required by hydrangea in preparation for winter. In the Urals, frosts at -35˚С -45˚С are not uncommon. Delicate shrubs can just freeze out.

But different varieties require a different approach when preparing hydrangeas for winter.


In autumn, when preparing for winter, hydrangea requires more care for itself than during the whole vegetative period. On how carefully you follow the rules for the care of flowers, depends on their flowering, the health of the shrub as a whole and the preservation of varietal characteristics. But in the summer the bushes strewn with bright colorful buds will become a source of pride, because it is not so easy to grow and preserve hydrangea in the Urals!