Tomato Zimarevsky giant: reviews, photos, yield

Tomato Zimarevsky giant - large-fruited variety of Siberian selection. Tomatoes are adapted to cold conditions and suffer sharp temperature fluctuations. A tall plant needs special care. Tomatoes are watered, fed, tied to a support.

Botanical description

Description of the variety of tomatoes Zimarevsky giant:

  • medium maturity;
  • height up to 2 m;
  • flat-round fruit;
  • in brushes matures 5-6 tomatoes;
  • average weight 300 g, maximum - 600 g;
  • stable yield.

Seeds are sold by the Siberian Garden company. The variety has a stable fruiting regardless of climatic conditions. In the photo, reviews and yields tomato Zimarevsky giant suitable for greenhouse.

From 1 square. m collect about 10 kg of fruit. With regular care, the yield rises to 15 kg. The fruits are used fresh, processed into pasta, juice, adjika and other homemade preparations.

Tomatoes are harvested at the stage of technical maturity and kept at room temperature. Due to the large size and juicy pulp, the shelf life of the fruit is limited.

Planting seeds

Tomatoes Zimarevsky giant grown seedlings. Seeds are placed in containers filled with soil. Seed germination occurs at a certain microclimate. Stronger plants are transferred to the garden.

Preparatory stage

For the landing of seeds of tomatoes prepared substrate. It is obtained by mixing an equal amount of garden soil and compost. The use of finished soil mixture intended for the cultivation of tomatoes is allowed.