Pepper Bucharest

Pepper varieties Bucharest surprise gardeners unusual colors of fruits that are in technical maturity have a purple color. Original peppers coloring Bucharest diversifies the color palette of the prepared dishes. What is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also useful. Sweet peppers contain trace elements and vitamins, so necessary for our body. Modern man has a hard time attacking insomnia, depression, stress. Regularly eating sweet pepper, you can significantly improve your mental and physical condition. Below is a photo of the culture:

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Variety description

Pepper Bucharest is suitable for growing on the windowsill or on the balcony of a city apartment. As a pot plant grows up to 50 cm. Rather compact, semi-sprawling, medium-sized. To form a bush, you only need to remove the side leaves and shoots before the first branching. In the apartment, choose the window where the plant will receive the maximum amount of light. Otherwise, you will have to use special lamps for lightening to avoid bud fall and ovary. Variety Bucharest can be grown in greenhouses and in the open field. On freedom grows to 110 cm.

Seeds for seedlings for greenhouses and soil are planted in February. If you plan to grow a variety of Bucharest on the windowsill, then any time is suitable. You can extend the life of the plant by transplanting from the garden to the pot. Seeds can be planted in peat tablets, in ready-made land for seedlings, or you can make an earthen mixture yourself. To do this, mix approximately in equal parts peat, humus, soil, sand. Spread in containers, water well, make small grooves 0.5 - 1 cm, put the seeds in there, lightly sprinkle with soil.

Important! To seedlings appear in unison, and most importantly, quickly, provide the necessary temperature + 25 + 28 degrees.

Then shoots appear in 7 - 8 days. Otherwise, the process may take 2 to 3 weeks.

For 40 - 50 days the plant becomes large enough. It is ready for transplantation in open ground or in the greenhouse in early May. For growing on the balcony will require pots of 5 liters.


Natalia, 44, Cheboksary I have no problem, but I want to dig into the ground. I decided to grow sweet peppers on the window. The choice fell on the Bucharest variety. It is small and just suitable for balconies. How he pleased me! Fruits uncharacteristic for pepper color - purple. Of course, it grew a little, but its own. Leonid, 58 years old, Ivanovo Bought the seeds of Bucharest for the first time. The seedlings turned out good, strong. Planted in the greenhouse. Of course, peppers look unusual because of the purple color of the fruit, while it is immature. But my family prefers ripened fruits. Therefore, we did not tear purple, we waited for them to turn red. The variety is early ripening. Overall not bad. I think I will plant more.