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The most economical heater to give

The main requirements for a dacha heater are economy, mobility and speed. The unit should consume a minimum of energy, be easily transported to any room and quickly heat the room. An important condition is the safe operation of electrical products, in order to avoid a fire. Our today's review is devoted to energy-saving heaters for the country, as well as the criteria for their choice.

What you need to pay attention when choosing a country heater

It is necessary to choose a country heater not only at low cost. Often such cheap models are dangerous to use and consume a lot of energy. It is important to follow a few important rules when choosing an aggregate:

  • installation of the heater in the country should be carried out easily and quickly;
  • it is good if the unit is mobile so that it can be easily transferred from room to room;
  • maximum level of fire safety;
  • the heater for giving should be economical, but effective;
  • the multifunctionality of the unit, which allows to regulate the heating modes, is welcomed;
  • The lowest cost of the product is not at the expense of quality.

Guided by these basic requirements, we will try to determine which model is better to choose for questioning.

The video tells about the rules for choosing a heater for the dacha:

So what better to choose to give

It is time to summarize our review of heaters for questioning. The best choice for all the advantages and disadvantages of infrared heaters will be. Stationary fixed panels on the ceiling in all rooms will quickly dry the room from dampness and warm the air for a comfortable holiday cottage. In terms of energy consumption, this is the most economical heater for summer house and a very profitable option.

The first place in safety and functionality can be given to electric convectors. They are the least dry air, which is very important for human health. In terms of energy consumption, convectors are inferior to IR heaters, but for the sake of country rest, you can close your eyes to such a disadvantage.

As for the rest of the heaters we considered, their purpose can be called specific, and as an option for a full-fledged country heating, they are not suitable.