Pepper Turquoise

Manufacturers offer gardeners a huge selection of seeds of sweet peppers. Everyone decides for himself what the criteria for selecting a variety are. Some like exclusively red peppers, in the dishes look very bright, elegant. Red peppers contain beta - carotene, vitamin C, lycopene, vitamins of group B. These substances are on guard of health: they slow down the aging process, strengthen the heart and blood vessels, and the nervous system.


Sweet variety Turquoise will provide your body with beneficial substances. Open ground, greenhouses, and greenhouses are places where it grows well. Mid-season. It takes time 75 - 80 days between planting seedlings in the ground and receiving the first fruits. The plant reaches a height of 70 - 80 cm. The fruits of Pepper Turquoise are cuboid in shape, up to 10 cm high, and walls with a thickness of 7-8 mm. When the fruit is formed, it has a dark green color (technical maturity). Such fruits can already be collected and eaten. Patient gardeners wait for biological maturity, it is characterized by bright red saturated color. Fruits weighing 150-170 g are especially good in fresh salads and in canning. Suitable for freezing, retains all its taste properties.

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Important! Pepper Turquoise loves light soil through which air and water pass well.

If the ground in your garden is dense, then you need to prepare it for peppers, make humus or rotted manure. Regular watering and frequent loosening of the topsoil will necessarily lead to a bountiful harvest.

The success of a good harvest is laid in healthy seedlings. In the last week of winter or in the first two weeks of spring, attend to planting seedlings of the variety Turquoise. How to prepare the primer, look at the video:

Important! Provide seedlings with maximum heat and light. Then she will be healthy and strong.

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As soon as the first buds formed on the seedlings, she is ready to be transplanted into the ground. When planting Turquoise, observe the following scheme: 70 cm between rows and 40 - 50 cm between plants, they will be tall, spreading, so you need to have a reserve of space. Plants bear fruit since mid-July. So that it does not break under a bountiful harvest, tie it up beforehand.

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Maria, 56 years old, Pskov. The crop of peppers was excellent. Planted several varieties. Among them is the brand new - Turquoise. Very pleased. Red, thick-walled fruit, very "fleshy." At the same time, she did not particularly fertilize or process anything. Brought only ashes. But the result was excellent. Vasily, 67, Mr. Velikie Luki I know that sweet pepper is very good for health, especially one that has red fruits, so be sure to soot it in your garden. I decided to try the variety Turquoise. The harvest was good. I think I will plant it again next season. Ekaterina, 43, I did not grow TulaRassad itself. A neighbor gave a few bushes. Planted. Surprise knew no bounds, huge bushes grew, yielded a rich harvest. It turned out that this variety is Turquoise. I will remember for the future.