Salad with fish for the winter

Salad with fish for the winter - a product that does not apply to the daily diet of food, but sometimes during fatigue and unwillingness to spend time at the stove he will help out every hostess. A large assortment in stores gives you the opportunity to create a billet for the winter according to quick, simple recipes.

Rules for making fish salads at home

Famous cooks and lovers of tasty food have developed a large number of recipes in the banks of various fish salads for the winter, which even beginners can handle. To do this, you just need to know some secrets and important points on the choice and preparation of the main ingredients of the salad.

  1. For cooking, you can use river and sea fish, regardless of size. It is important that it has intact skin, and is necessarily fresh.
  2. Rolling blanks for the winter with fish and vegetables should be in a glass tank with a volume of 0.3 to 1 l. Containers must be sterilized - this will ensure long storage.
  3. You must strictly follow the recipe in order to avoid problems with the storage of products.