Cucumbers in the greenhouse: the formation of the bush scheme

The formation of cucumbers in the greenhouse, the pattern of giving a certain shape to the bush and the control of the growth of the shoots are all elements of care for the most popular vegetable plant. Cucumber is a fast-growing liana. In order to get a good harvest, it is necessary to constantly direct the growth of shoots in the right direction, to encourage the plant to concentrate forces on the ripening of fruits.

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Formation of cucumber vine

Cucumber shrub is a one-year vine, which in favorable conditions is capable of developing very long and branched shoots. This may be good for the humid tropics, but where the growing season lasts 6-7 months, green mass is not always necessary.

The formation of cucumbers in a polycarbonate greenhouse is the optimization of the structure of the entire liana in order to increase the yield.

In order for cucumbers not to go into the leaves, but to bloom and bear fruit as actively as possible, you must follow these rules:

  1. Periodically delete everything that does not work for the crop.
  2. Placement of bushes should be as rational as possible.
  3. Cucumbers in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate can give a decent harvest only if they trail along the trellis.
  4. With the help of a rational scheme of pinching and trimming cucumber bush given the desired direction of growth in connection with the requirements of light, branching and growth restriction.