Yasmine Zucchini

Japanese breeders from Sakata have developed a high-yielding hybrid variety of yellow-fruited zucchini. Yasmin Zucchini is a plant for cultivation in greenhouses and open ground of medium early ripening. In Russia, Gavrish, the largest supplier of seeds to the domestic market, deals with the distribution of the variety.

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Features of the hybrid variety

Species culture

Zucchini, early open field hybrid

Plant characteristic

Squat bush

Spreading bush


View of the bush

Half open, compact

Classification to achieve ripeness

Medium early

Vegetation period


Plant development


Fruit Form

Cylindrical Ø 4-5 cm, length 20-25 cm

Fetal coloration

Yellow-colored fruit

Disease resistance

Resistant to watermelon mosaic, yellow zucchini mosaic

Purpose of the fetus

Preservation, cooking

Permissible number of plants per 1 m2

3 pcs.

The degree of maturation of the commodity fruit

Mid season

Growing conditions

Greenhouse field

Landing pattern

60x60 cm


Included in the type zucchini. Compact open bushes with bright fruits will fit into a common range of zucchini - no pollination occurs. The leaves are large, weakly dissected, with weak spotting. Growth fruit friendly, intensive. It is used fresh in cooking, canned.


4-12 kg / m2

Maturation term of full shoots

35-40 days

Mass of fetus

0.5-0.6 kg

Pulp fruit

Creamy, dense



Dry matter content


Sugar content



Narrow elliptical, medium size