Planting Turkish carnation seeds at home

Among the many garden flowers, Turkish carnation is particularly popular and popular with gardeners. Why is she preferred? How did she deserve such recognition? Unpretentiousness, a variety of colors, long flowering - these are the main reasons that influence the choice of flower growers.

However, sometimes even professionals have a number of questions: how complicated is this business - growing Turkish carnation from seeds, when to plant, how to grow seedlings, what they love and what this picky flower doesn’t like? What rules need to be followed to have bright, inimitable flowers adorn your flower garden? In fact, agricultural cultivation is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.


Motley, neat bushes of Turkish carnation, grown from seeds at home, will decorate any corner of your backyard. The advantage of this unpretentious plant is versatility. After all, it looks great in the flower beds, it can be grown as curb or balcony flowers. Carnation looks harmoniously in combination with other garden flowers. With a minimum of effort, you will soon be able to enjoy bright, inimitable flowers, giving your garden a cozy, unique look.