Courage Potatoes: characteristics, planting and care

Medium early potato variety Kurazh is gaining popularity due to its taste characteristics, due to the high percentage of starch. Farmers choose the variety because of their resistance to diseases.

History of origin

The authorship of potato variety Courage belongs to the well-known Dutch company HZPC Holland B.V. The variety is registered in Russia since 2007, recommended for all central regions. Now seeds of the variety are offered by a number of farms from the Leningrad, Omsk, Kirov regions, Tatarstan, Chuvashia, and Udmurtia.

Description and characteristics

Vegetation period

Prior to ripening 75 days, the phase of technical ripeness 80-90 days

Elevated part

Stems are medium tall and tall, straight and semi-upright. The leaves are medium and large, slightly undulate along the edge. Red-purple flowers


Round-oval, few eyes are moderately deepened


Smooth, reddish


Light yellow color, dense structure

Starch content


Dry matter content


Weight of commercial tubers


Commodity output


Number in the nest

6-9 pieces


159-270 c / ha, maximum - 435 c / ha

Period of rest during storage


Vegetation features

Drought tolerance

Disease resistance

Immune to potato cancer, scab, and virus, does not become infected with the golden nematode. Moderately prone to late blight of tubers - 5 points, for green mass - 3 points

The taste of potato variety Courage is rated as good and excellent. Tubers boil soft, retain a pleasant light color after heat treatment. True, not all growers agree that the potato is crumbly. This property of tubers depends largely on the variety, but also on the weather and fertilizing:

  • Too much fertilizer increases the weight of the tuber, and starch does not have time to form;
  • Starch more in those tubers that developed mainly in dry weather.

Tubers of Variety transfer mechanical damage without darkening of the pulp, are subject to long-distance transport. Suitable for mashed potatoes, making chips, starch.

Comment! Boiled potatoes will be crumbly if they made wood ash.

Advantages and disadvantages



Excellent consumer qualities: even tubers, pleasant taste, starchiness

Less storage time than other early varieties


Drought tolerance

The rapid decline in yield, if the planting material of low reproduction

Immunity to a number of dangerous diseases of culture

Susceptibility of a tops to a fitoftor


Potato variety Kurazh planted in April or May, when the soil at the depth of the hole - up to 8-10 cm warms up to + 8 ° C. Tubers selected for planting, weigh an average of 50-70 g, and use small, from 25-30 g, but healthy, without damage. Starting from the middle or end of March, planting material is sorted after storage and germinated. The temperature in the room where the potato vernalization takes place is 12-15 ° C. Sprouts grow by 1-2 cm. Large light sprouts may break during planting. So that they do not outgrow, it is forbidden to keep seed potatoes Kurazh for a long time at temperatures above 16 ° С

  • The optimal layout of potato nests: 60-70 x 30-35 cm;
  • The best predecessors are all cereals and legumes, perennial and annual herbs;
  • On sandy soils potatoes Kurazh well planted after lupine;
  • Those areas where sunflower was grown in the past year are too exhausted. Potatoes are planted on them only after the autumn fertilization of the complex.
Tip! Before planting potatoes Courage in boxes treated with growth stimulants and insecticides, which will help avoid the first attack of the Colorado potato beetles.


Variety Courage drought-resistant. The plant can successfully develop during short periods of heat, but in a long drought the potatoes must be watered. The plant especially needs moisture in the budding phase and after flowering. In very hot periods for the bush requires 12-20 liters of water, in normal weather - 3-6 liters. The plot with potato Courage is regularly cleaned from weeds and loosened the ground, especially after irrigation and rain, so that a crust does not form on the surface of the soil. Air is necessary for the roots of plants for normal life.

Hilling and feeding

Steam potato spud 2-3 times after rains or watering before flowering. The first hilling is possible even when planting, during the formation of the ridge, which will protect the seedlings from late frosts. Usually, potatoes begin to spud when sprouts rise to 10-12 cm.

With a weak development of the tops, foliar dressings are carried out at this time. At the beginning of the growth of potato variety Kurazh fertilized with urea, ammonium nitrate, potassium sulfate. The second time you can spend foliar feeding or fertilize mineral complexes.

Important! The main crop of Variety is laid by fertilizing the plot for potatoes, which is carried out in the autumn, before plowing.

Diseases and pests

Diseases / pests

Signs of


Late blight

On the leaves are dark spots that later become covered with gray bloom. In cool weather, not above + 10 ° C, the fungus captures the entire area in a matter of days. Later tubers are affected and rot

Spraying of the germinated tubers with growth stimulants, which allows the Kurazh potato to be able to avoid infection by a more rapid development. Preventive treatment with fungicides. Burning stalk residues


Dark dry spots on the leaves in dry weather, with a lack of moisture spread to the stem, the plant dries out. On tubers rotten spots. The yield decreases due to the death of the green part

The disease often affects tomatoes, so the potatoes are not planted nearby. Fungicide treatment. The stems are removed and burned. The disease is triggered by an imbalance between an insufficient amount of nitrogen and potassium in the soil and an excess of phosphorus.


It develops at a temperature of 17-22 ° C, in the flowering phase. The leaves turn yellow, curled. The plant dies. Sometimes the disease manifests itself already on the shoots. Faded tubers with lesions

Compliance with crop rotation. Stems mow 10 days before harvesting. Tubers are dried and sorted before storage.


Larva of the click beetle that damages tubers and roots

Destroy the areas of wheatgrass on which the pest lives. In early spring, lay the bait: 3 tubers per 1 square. m


Stems potato Courage mow 7-10 days before harvesting for better ripening and prevention of possible infection. After digging, dried for several hours on the field, then cleaned in a dark room. Before putting it into storage, sort it out again.


Universal potato variety Courage attracts with its resistance to dangerous and common diseases. The variety is suitable for growing in private households. In large quantities, potatoes are in demand at processing plants.

Grade Reviews

Anna Antonovna, 53 years old, near Moscow Vypadili potato varieties Courage for the second year. Great taste, good yield. It ripens quite early. Before planting, we treat with "Prestige" means, we feed up humate. Anatoly, 39 years old, Lipetsk region. We always grow several varieties of early potatoes for sale. Variety Courage proved to be persistent, moderately fruitful, but very salable. Rounded tubers with red skinned are eagerly bought up. Galina, 58 years old, Morshansk. Her daughter last year wrote out a few kilograms of Kurazh. At first they were treated with a fungicide, the potato was healthy. Dug 5-6 large tubers. This year was not left to buy new ones.