Napoli Carrots

Excessive representations of such a gardener as carrots do not require. There is hardly a summer resident who does not have at least a few rows in his garden, planted with red beauty, whose braid has blithely remained on the street. When choosing varieties of carrots are mainly based on taste, ripening speed and size.

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Napoli carrots are one of the recognized leaders of ultra early varieties. Bred in Holland, through hybrid breeding, the vegetable is not as picky about climate conditions as it is with the soil. The popularity of the Dutch beauty is due to the high germination, endurance, relatively large size and great taste.

Characteristics and requirements

Napoli carrots are of the Nantes type and have the following parameters:

  • the shape of the root - cylindrical, slightly turning into a cone;
  • root length - 15-20 cm;
  • Napoli carrot weight - 120-180 grams;
  • tops - short and strong;
  • root color - bright orange;
  • full ripening period - 90 days (maximum 100);

When you plan to plant carrots in your garden, keep in mind that the Napoli variety has the following requirements and peculiarities of ripening:

Caring for a Dutch carrot Napoli is not very original. Mandatory thinning, weeding, loosening between rows, all this provides the best flow of vital resources for carrots. Too much excess nitrogen and water can harm this grade, but potassium is needed in large quantities. Harvesting takes place in two stages:

  • selective cleaning: July and August.
  • basic cleaning of the variety: from mid-September.

Application and feedback

Different varieties of carrots are suitable for different purposes, one way or another related to cooking or breeding. The main direction of use of carrots of a grade of Napoli - the direct use in a fresh look. Juicy and amazingly tasty fruit will be a great addition to any dish, salad and just a good light snack.

Talk about this variety, as a popular and common, allows a large number of positive feedback. Gardeners with experience often celebrate the excellent quality and germination of fruits, tending to one hundred percent.

There are many admirers of smooth, beautifully shaped carrots, which fully correspond to the taste. It is noted that the gardener should not be afraid of the small size of the tops, because the dimensions of the root itself will pleasantly surprise.

The only disadvantage is the short storage time, which allows using the vegetable as an early product.

Thus, if you chose Napoli carrots, you can not doubt the decision made, using the above information, you will get a great vegetable on your site. Most importantly, remember that carrots are early ripe and not intended for long storage. Do not be afraid to experiment and good luck to you and your garden.