Rare varieties of pepper

At the beginning of the year, each gardener thinks about the list of varieties of pepper that I would like to grow on my own plot. Habitual and tested varieties, of course, convenient and win-win, but the peppers with a twist always attract attention. And it's not just the original form or color. More often, in the unique taste, which gives rare seeds of pepper.

Culture is very demanding on the light during the entire growing season. Therefore, when choosing a variety, you should consider the capabilities of your plot and its location. After all, the peppers of unique rare varieties are often extraordinarily beautiful, decorate the site. If you do not provide them with proper conditions, then even the best breeding seeds will not give a good harvest.

Consider unusual types of peppers to decorate your garden.

Unusual varieties of pepper

Even a novice gardener can grow a rare variety. After all, new hybrid peppers have a mass of useful qualities that make care for the crop less burdensome. But, it is impossible to rely only on breeders. To provide the plant with proper soil, heat and light is the duty of the gardener. For peppers choose a lit place without drafts with good soil. If it is not possible to protect the plant from the wind, then it is necessary to provide for the possibility of sheltering bushes.

Unusual Sweet Pepper

White Cloud

Also an amazing decorative variety with edible berries. The pods are purple at first, then gradually change color to yellow, then orange, and finally acquire a bright red tint. During this period, the bushes look like a small flowerbed. The plant is compact, up to 45 cm with beautiful purple leaves. Taper small berries. The fruitfulness of fruits slightly decreases as they ripen, but in the immature form is very sharp. It is grown in rassadny way.


Try to grow on your site unconventional varieties of peppers at least once. After this amazing plants will become permanent residents on the site, to bring not only tasty fruits, but also to please with its beautiful view.