Zyatek Cucumbers and Mother-in-law

It is difficult to imagine more popular varieties than Mother-in-law and Zyatek. Many gardeners think that Zyatek and Mother-in-law cucumbers are one variety. In fact, these are two different hybrid varieties of cucumbers. They have much in common, but they also have differences. Consider all the more detail.

Characteristic varieties

These early ripe hybrids have a lot in common. The most basic is the absence of bitterness even in the most overripe cucumbers. It is this characteristic that allowed them to become so popular. Other common features:

  • equally suitable for both outdoor and greenhouse;
  • due to the predominantly female flowering do not need insect pollinators;
  • cucumbers of cylindrical shape with a diameter of not more than 4 cm;
  • have a high yield, which comes on average after 45 days;
  • cucumbers are perfect fresh, salted and pickled;
  • plants are resistant to powdery mildew.

Now consider the differences. For convenience, they will be presented in tabular form.





The length of the cucumber, see



Mass, gr.




Lumpy with brown thorns

Lumpy with white spikes

Disease resistance

Olive spotting, root rot

Cladosporiosis, cucumber mosaic virus




Productivity of one bush, kg



The photo below shows both varieties. Left mother-in-law variety, right - Zyatek.

Recommendations for growing

Varieties of cucumbers Mother-in-law and Zyatek can be grown either through seedlings or by planting seeds immediately to a garden bed. In this case, the rate of appearance of the first shoots directly depends on the temperature:

  • at a temperature of less than +13 degrees, the seeds will not germinate;
  • at temperatures from +15 to +20 shoots will appear no later than 10 days;
  • if you provide a temperature regime of +25 degrees, then shoots may appear already on day 5.
Tip! It is better to choose the "golden mean" and provide the seeds with a temperature of up to +20 degrees. Such shoots will be not only early, but also hardened.

Sowing seeds of these varieties in the greenhouse or in the open ground is done at the end of May in the wells up to 2 cm deep.

When grown through seedlings, its preparation should begin in the month of April. At the end of May, ready-made seedlings can be planted either in the greenhouse or on the garden bed. The main indicator of cucumber seedlings readiness is the first few leaves on the plant.

At the same time, seeds or young cucumber plants are recommended to be planted every 50 cm. Closer planting will not allow the bushes to develop in full force, which will negatively affect the yield.

Further care of plants includes:

  1. Regular watering, which should be carried out until the fruit ripens. At the same time it is necessary to water moderately. Abundant watering will lead to decay of the root system of the bushes.
  2. Weeding and loosening. These are not mandatory procedures, but are recommended. Varieties Mother-in-law and Zyatek will not disregard them and will answer with a good harvest. Council! Loosening the soil should be carried out no more than once a week and very carefully, so as not to harm the plant.
  3. Top dressing. It is especially important during the vegetative period of the plant. Top dressing is best done once a week, combining it with evening watering. Good results are obtained by using solutions of potassium and phosphorus. But experienced gardeners prefer to use diluted manure. It is important! Excessive fertilization can ruin the plant.

During the period of active growth, young cucumber plants can be tied up. This will not only give the bushes a direction to grow, but also allow you to get more light.

Harvest cucumbers Mother-in-law and Zyatek begin to harvest in early July as the fruit ripens.


Olga, 51 years old, Lakinsk. I have been cultivating the Zyatek cucumber variety for a long time. He has excellent germination and amazing taste. In addition, it is incredibly harvested, even had to give out. Every year, pick cucumbers every three days for more than two months. Scourge Sonskin do not dry until the end of August. On each of them is a lot of fruit. Cucumbers taste great! With thin skin and sweet pulp. Due to its density, which they do not lose, they are excellent for salting. They are crispy and strong. I highly recommend this variety. Maria, 49, Kovrov This year, Mother-in-law and Zyatek chose cucumbers for planting - this year the reviews were amazing. And now I understand why. They are incredibly productive. I did not cook seedlings, planted some germinated seeds. These varieties of cucumbers are self-pollinating, so the ovaries form very quickly. Cucumber varieties Mother-in-law and Zyatek are very similar. I dropped them near and then did not even understand where what. Cucumbers are best removed when their size is about 10 cm. If this is not done, the fruits are rounded and blown out to a decent size. As the manufacturer promises, there is no bitterness in cucumbers. I liked very much that we collected cucumbers until the beginning of September. The only drawback of these varieties of cucumbers, I think their value - it is tall. For the rest, the mother-in-law and Zyatek varieties are excellent! I will plant and recommend others.