Growing cucumber Zozulya in the greenhouse

Even a novice gardener probably grows cucumbers on his plot of land. This culture came to us from India, where today it is found in a wild-growing form. Domestic farmers offered more than 3 thousand varieties of cucumber, which differ in the appearance of the fruit, agrotechnical characteristics. However, from this wide variety several best varieties can be distinguished, to which, undoubtedly, Zozul cucumber belongs. In the article we will try to describe the main advantages of this variety, the taste and external qualities of cucumber, as well as the features of cultivation.

Advantage Features

Reviews gardeners

Maria Ivantsova, 44, Saratov, I have been growing Zozulya cucumbers for several years. Soot is literally one bed, but the harvest is so large that there are plenty of such crops and “to eat” and roll up. Cucumbers, indeed, very tasty and crunchy. I am very pleased with this variety and advise everyone. Viktor Orlov, 53 years old, Novosibirsk. The climate in our areas is quite severe, and not every variety of cucumbers wants to grow. I have tried many, but for two years now I have been growing Zozul cucumbers in a greenhouse. I plant cucumber seedlings of this variety at the end of May, and after 3 weeks I have been collecting several buckets of cucumbers from the garden. In general, the yield is very high, the taste of cucumbers is excellent. Although this variety is not recommended by the manufacturer for our Siberian region, it turned out to be very much adapted.