Tomato Bear Kosolapy: reviews

One of the relatively new and very productive varieties is the Tomato Bear Kosolapy. This tomato is distinguished by its large size, fleshy structure and wonderful taste - for this, Russian gardeners love it. You can grow tomato varieties Mishka Kosolapiy in almost all regions of the country. The yield of tomatoes is directly related to agricultural practices, so the gardener will have to work hard to grow a lot of large tomatoes.

Characteristics and description of the variety of tomatoes Mishka Kosolapy can be found in this article. Here are the reviews of those who planted these tomatoes on their sites.

Characteristic variety

Tomato belongs to mid-season varieties, so the fruits have time to ripen on the beds of the middle zone (in the Moscow region, in particular). In more northern regions, cultivating the variety in greenhouses is preferable.

Bushes are tall, indeterminant types: the top of the plants must be pinned to stop the growth of the bush. The leaves on the tomatoes are small, dark green. Tomatoes themselves grow with brushes, each of which simultaneously ripens 4-5 fruits.

Attention! If you provide the Bear Bear with sufficient and competent care, the yield of tomatoes can be more than five kilograms from each bush.

Tomatoes grow large, the average weight of the fruit is 600 grams. Often there are tomatoes weighing about 900 grams. The shape of the tomato is rounded, sometimes resembles a heart. The flesh is very fleshy, the tomatoes have a lot of juice and very few seeds. The peel of the fruit is thin, but at the same time rather dense - the Bear Bear Toed tomatoes rarely crack.

During the ripening period, the tomatoes of this variety dramatically change their color from green to red. A distinctive feature of the variety is considered to be bright red flesh; to the heart of the fruit, the color of the flesh becomes even richer. The taste of the tomato is very good, sweet and sour, the fruit contains a large amount of sugars.

Tomato variety Teddy Bear has its advantages:

  • high yield;
  • large and very tasty fruits;
  • the possibility of growing both in the greenhouse and in the open field;
  • high resistance to diseases characteristic of tomatoes.
Important! The fruits of this variety are well tolerate transportation and long-term storage. And these tomatoes can be easily picked in the form of immature - the fruits reach perfectly at room temperature.

The description of the variety will be incomplete if you do not mention the small flaws of these tomatoes:

  • the bush is very susceptible to the correct formation - the yield of tomatoes strongly depends on competent pinching of the shoots;
  • for good harvest, the soil must be very nutritious;
  • like all indeterminate tomatoes, heart-shaped, Bears Koolapogo weak and long shoots, so the bushes should be tied up.


This variety has four varieties that differ in the outer color of the fruit. The taste qualities of multi-colored tomatoes are almost the same, but there are some differences:

Teddy Bear Yellow

Tall bushes reaching 190 cm. Fruits grow large (about 800 grams), have a pronounced heart shape. The taste of the tomatoes is intense, the flesh is fleshy and tender. Tomatoes are resistant to most fungal and viral infections.

Orange tomato

Also quite powerful and tall plant. Shrubs are recommended to form in two stems, the other stepchildren are removed. The shape of the tomato is heart-shaped, the edges are clearly visible on the fruits. The color of the tomatoes is beautiful - rich orange. A distinctive feature of this variety is a strong "tomato" flavor.

Teddy Bear Pink

Differs not very tall bushes - up to 150 cm. The shape of raspberry tomatoes is drop-shaped, elongated. The mass of fruits, on average, is 700 grams, often larger tomatoes are also found. The pink variety is valued for its very high yield.

Teddy Bear Red

It grows better in closed greenhouses and greenhouses than on the ground. Tomatoes grow large, have the shape of a heart, their taste is very pleasant, sweet, without acid.

Important! All varieties of varieties can be grown in open ground and in the greenhouse. However, in greenhouse conditions, the yield of tomatoes will be much higher.

Features of growing

In principle, tomatoes Mishka Kosolapy are grown the same way as other varieties of tomatoes. To get a decent crop, you need to provide competent care for tomatoes.

Growing seedlings

The variety is preferable to grow seedlings. Seeds for seedlings are usually sown in the last decade of March. Soil for seedlings can be purchased special, and you can simply mix the garden soil with wood ash, peat and superphosphate.

Tomato seeds are sunk only 1-2 cm, sprinkled with dry, sifted earth and lightly sprayed with water. After that, the container with the tomatoes is covered with a lid or plastic wrap and cleaned in a warm place for germination.

When green shoots appear under the film, the shelter is removed, and the seedlings are put on the windowsill or in another bright place.

To seedlings of tomatoes was strong and healthy, it must be regularly watered and provide a sufficient amount of light. A few weeks before transplanting to a permanent place, seedlings of tomatoes are hardened, gradually increasing the time of their stay on the street.

Attention! Dive tomatoes of this variety should be in the phase of two true leaves.

At least three times tomatoes are fertilized with mineral complexes for tomato seedlings.

Planting tomatoes

In the greenhouse seedlings, the tomato Mishka Kosolapiy is transplanted at the age of two months. By this time, tomatoes should have a thick and powerful stem, as well as 6-7 true leaves. Usually, planting in the greenhouse is made at the end of April or in early May.

The scheme of planting in the greenhouse is 30x50 cm. Be sure to think in advance about the system of tying bushes. In the process of growth, the stems of each tomato are carefully wrapped with a thick thread.

In the open ground, tomatoes of this variety are planted in early June. Since the variety is tall, it is necessary to leave at least half a meter between rows, the distance between the next bushes in a row should be 40 cm. At the saplings they pinch the growing point and tear off the damaged or weak leaves.

Tip! Experienced gardeners recommend choosing seedlings with 6-7 true leaves and at least one floral brush.

How to care for tomatoes

Tall tomatoes with large and tasty fruits need simple, but regular care:

  1. Shrubs must be formed by pasynkovanie and pinching side shoots and growth points. As a rule, the tomato Mishka Kosolapiy is grown in one or two stalks, the rest of the shoots need to be broken off.
  2. Like all tomatoes, this variety loves water, so it is necessary to water the tomatoes often and plentifully. It is best to do this in the evening, using only warm water.
  3. Tomatoes are recommended in both greenhouses and in the open field. mulchto reduce moisture evaporation. For litter, forest litter, straw, sawdust, humus or mowed grass are suitable. Inorganic covering materials such as black film or spunbond can also be used.
  4. Since the large-fruited variety loves nutritious soil, during the whole season it is necessary to fertilize bushes with mineral or organic components. Any fertilizer will do, and it is better to refuse fresh manure, since it only simulates the growth of green mass and reduces crop yields.
  5. Tomato Mishka Kosolapiy is resistant to late blight and fungal infections, but this variety may be affected by rot. To avoid rotting bushes, it is recommended to loosen the ground more often, remove weeds, cut off the lower leaves of a tomato, use mulch. As needed, the bushes are treated with insecticides.

Caring for Tomatoes Mishka Kosolapiy is quite simple, but you cannot neglect them, as this will immediately affect the harvest.


Alexander Petrovich, 62 years old, Samara. Last year I tried to grow up the Bear of Kosolapogo at my country house. Seedlings bought on the market, ready. Planted in open ground, as I do not have greenhouses. Immediately after planting, mold appeared, but we managed to quickly cope with it, and the weather improved - it became warm and sunny. He fertilized tomatoes for the whole summer three or four times, used humus and superphosphate. Bushes turned out high, there were many ovaries. But not all tomatoes had time to ripen (we live in the Moscow region). However, I gathered the whole crop and laid it out in the pantry - for a week the tomatoes turned red and became very sweet. Z. Alekseeva, Tomsk In my case, no luck: I did not grow even seedlings from the purchased seeds of this tomato. At first, the seeds did not bite, then the seedlings didn’t sprout at all, as a result, mold appeared and gradually destroyed all the tomatoes. So, we have not tasted delicious fruits!


Tomato Mishka Kosolapy has a lot of advantages, the most important of which are high yield, excellent taste and resistance to diseases. Despite this, many gardeners note the "capriciousness" of this tomato: the bushes need to constantly stepon, fertilize, mulch the ground, fight gray and white rot throughout the growing season.

The grade is recommended for cultivation in greenhouses or in beds of the south of the country. To choose a tomato Mishka Kosolapy should only be those who can pay a lot of attention to plantings and provide regular care. Then the tomato crop will be generous and will please any gardener.