Tomato Special Forces: characteristics and description of the variety

Tomatoes are popular vegetables, but plants cannot bear fruit equally well in all climatic zones. Breeders are working hard on this task. A great achievement of experienced vegetable growers from Siberia was a new variety of tomatoes Special Forces. Its author is V.N. Dederko from Novosibirsk. The tomato is included in the State Register in 2017. Prior to this, tomatoes of the new variety were tested in vegetable gardens and in closed ground in various farms of the Novosibirsk Region, Altai, and other regions. Tomato Special Forces showed itself from the best side in terms of weather resistance and excellent yield.

Characteristic variety

Tomato Special Forces combined in themselves the desire of gardeners to grow large-fruited tomatoes and at the same time get a considerable harvest from one bush. Having planted three bushes of Spetsnaz varieties of tomatoes per square meter, in a season from 5 to 10 kg of vitamin production can be collected. Tomatoes are recommended for cultivation in all regions of the country. Officially distributes seeds of a new variety of tomato Spetsnaz agrofirma from Novosibirsk "Siberian Garden".

Attention! Tomato Special Forces - a variety, not a hybrid. Seeds can be harvested for the next harvest. The best collection option: large fruit from the second hand of a well-developed plant.

Spetsnaz tomatoes were created purposefully as a culture of open ground. The plant is demanding of light; a neutral soil is suitable for it, where moisture does not stagnate. In good conditions, tomatoes of this variety produce a stable high fruit harvest.

Tomatoes Spetsnaz attributed to mid-season. Their ripening takes place in two waves. The first, the most weighty fruits, are harvested from late July to early August. After that, the plant forms 20-30 medium-sized tomatoes from the ovaries of the second wave, which ripen by the middle or by the third decade of September. The fruits of this variety - salad direction. But with a large harvest, each hostess can make their favorite blanks, like from other varieties of tomatoes.

Variety description

Bushes of tomatoes Special Forces - sredneroslye. These are indeterminate plants, which rise to 1.5 m, in greenhouses - up to 1.8 m. For successful cultivation, it is necessary to tie tall bushes with massive fruits to strong stems. Branches with leaves of usual length, spongy. The bush generously generates stepchildren, which must be constantly removed. Inflorescences are placed on simple, unbranched racemes. On them 3 or 5 fruits are formed on average.

Red or raspberry-red fruits of Special Forces tomatoes are rounded, flattened and slightly ribbed from below and above. The skin is dense, smooth, not susceptible to cracking. The pulp has an attractive sugary texture, fleshy, dense, with several seed chambers, where the seed is quite small. The taste is excellent, balanced in sugars and acids.

The fruits of the first, July, ripening waves can reach a weight of 500 g to 1000 g. There is already a record of tomato mass of Special Forces - 1200 g, which was grown in Altai. To get massive fruits, all ovaries are removed from lower brushes, except 1-2. These fruits will concentrate in themselves all the vital forces of the plant. Autumn tomatoes grow with an average weight of 200-230 g.

The virtues of tomatoes

Diligent selection work was crowned with the cultivation of tomato, which could not be better suited to the test of weather vagaries. And while having high rates of fruiting.

  • High stable yield;
  • Large fruits;
  • Excellent taste and excellent appearance;
  • Strong plant structure;
  • Unpretentiousness, resistance to harsh climatic conditions.

It should be noted that the plant of this variety must be protected from fungal diseases.

Growing tall tomatoes

Large-fruited tomato Spetsnaz requires good care. The concerns of gardeners begin in March or April, when the seedlings are sown.

Important! Sowing seeds for seedlings, take into account that the Special Forces tomatoes should be planted in the ground at the age of two months.

In order for young plants to receive sufficient momentum from the very beginning of their life cycle, it is necessary to prepare good soil. Substrate for seedlings purchased in stores or cook yourself. Garden soil in the same parts are mixed with humus and peat. If the soil is heavy, clay, add sand. Drainage material is placed on the bottom of the tank: agroperlite, broken ceramics, and pebbles. Sow the seeds in the soil, which is already warmed.

Branded tomato seeds Special Forces are ready for planting. They are placed at a depth of 1-1.5 cm in a moist soil and covered with a film on top to create a mini-greenhouse. The container is in a place where the temperature is not lower than 25 degrees. Every day, the film is opened for ventilation, if necessary, the soil is sprayed with water.

Seedling care

This is one of the most crucial moments for the gardener.

  • As soon as the first sprouts of tomatoes have sprouted in 5-7 days, the container should be moved to a well-lit, but cool - up to 18 degrees place;
  • Here, the tomato sprouts will get stronger, will not stretch out, and in a week they will be provided with heat, 23-25 0C, and lighting up to 12-14 hours;
  • Watering is moderate, but moisture should be enough;
  • Dive seedlings when they grew 1-2 true leaves. The plant is deepened into the soil to the cotyledon leaves for the formation of additional roots;
  • After diving, tomatoes begin to develop intensively. For each tank increase watering;
  • After 12-15 days, when the plants take root, they are given the first feeding. In a proportion of 20-30 g of urea per 10 liters of water, a solution is prepared and the plants are watered with 100 ml each. In addition, watered and ordinary water;
  • The second feeding is carried out in two weeks. In 1 liter of water dissolve 20-30 g nitrophoska. Watered the same way.
Tip! Diving tomatoes, it is necessary to pinch the edge of the central root.

After this procedure, the root system grows in breadth and provides a tall, powerful plant with a large area of ​​nutrition.

Garden Plants

The grown bushes of tomatoes Spetsnaz at 40-45 days of age begin to harden, bringing to fresh air in the shade. For two weeks, the residence time is increased so that the tomato plants are fully acclimatized. Tomatoes Spetsnaz planted in the ground in May or June, focusing on the weather of the region. Plants will already form the first inflorescence.

  • Prepare the wells for a day or two before landing, so they warmed up. On 1 square. m put three plants of tomatoes of this variety;
  • Having planted a bush, nearby they drive in a strong high support;
  • Need to regularly stepchild plant. Remove stepchildren 4-5 cm long. If you remove smaller ones, a new one will immediately appear;
  • Tomatoes of this variety must be kept with one stem;
  • After harvesting the first wave of fruit, when other tomatoes are tied, the top of the plant is pinched.

Irrigation features

Tomatoes varieties spetsnaz demanding regular watering, which is carried out in the evening.

  • First, seedlings watered with warm water under the root;
  • Gardeners show increased attention to soil moisture when ovaries are formed. With a lack of moisture, they can crumble. Water the beds abundantly between the rows;
  • When fruits are poured, you need to water the entire area of ​​the site with tomatoes, because the powerful root system of a tall plant will absorb a lot of moisture.

How to feed tomatoes

Large-fruited tomato plants of the Spetsnaz variety are responsive to fertilizing, need a sufficient dose of magnesium, potassium, and boron in the soil. They should be regularly fed complex fertilizers for tomatoes.

  • After two weeks of growth in the garden, the plants are maintained with a solution of 500 ml of liquid mullein and 25 g of nitrophoska in a bucket of water. Under the bush pour at least 500 ml of fertilizer;
  • As soon as the second brush begins to bloom, tomatoes are fertilized with a solution of 500 ml of liquid fertilizer from chicken manure, 25 g of potassium sulfate, 25 g of superphosphate in a bucket of water. Each plant receives 1 l of top dressing;
  • If the third brush blossoms, 20-30 g of complex fertilizer is dissolved in a bucket of water, 1 l is poured under a bush;
  • During dressings, watering is enhanced so that the plant absorbs the necessary substances more completely.
Comment! Excellent foliar nutrition of tomatoes: a solution of 10 g of boric acid in a bucket of water. Sprayed plants before flowering and in the phase of green fruit.

Disease protection

Prophylactically against late blight and Alternaria, tomatoes must be regularly sprayed with fungicides, for example, Ordan, Quadrice, Thanos and others. The first treatment is carried out in the stage of 4-6 leaves, following 10 days. Plants with ripening fruits are not treated.

The tomato of the new variety is confidently gaining its place in household and suburban areas. Amazing in size and tasty fruits reward the efforts of gardeners for tall bushes.


Polina, 24 years old, Novosibirsk Region. Specnaz variety tomatoes are grown for two years. They have time to ripen, give large fruits, there were some of 500 g each. The ovaries did not tear off, everything that was formed ripened. The taste is very good. We process Oxyhom, the plants did not hurt. Dina, 33 years old, Altai KraiSpetsnaz was in the greenhouse. The fruits grew by 400-600 g. Excellent taste, good yield. We will definitely grow further. Seeds collected from the largest tomatoes of the first wave. The second has ripened already in the boxes. Nadya, 40 years old, Privolzhsky Semen Spetsnaz was sent to us by a relative from Novosibirsk. Planted on the beds. He struck with his fruits, which weighed to 600 g. We tried to follow the recommendations of the developer of the variety, gave a lot of organics.