Eggplant Robin Hood

Eggplant variety Robin Hood can be called unique, one of the best in taste and yield. Fruits tied within 90 days after sowing. It grows equally well and bears fruit in any soil - this variety adapts well to any conditions.

Description, characteristic of the variety

The fruits of Robin Hood with a brilliant purple skin grow to 20 cm in length and 8-9 cm in diameter, as in the photo:


In the process of growth of eggplant, it is necessary to remove the lower yellowed leaves, and periodically spraying to prevent diseases.

The eggplant irrigation procedure is repeated every time the top layer of soil dries out a little. First you need to clean the beds from weeds. The aisle deepen, throwing the soil on the bed itself. This should be done carefully, so that the garden tools do not damage the plants. Fertilizer crumbles between the eggplants and only then can water be let in for irrigation. Furrows on both sides are closed with valves - the water must completely saturate the beds.

Reviews gardeners

Evgenia, 43, Vologda region Our family does not imagine winter without eggplant caviar. After listening to reviews of gardeners about this crop, I decided not to get involved with eggplants - I always bought vegetables at the market. A neighbor literally imposed on me a few bushes of eggplant seedlings from Robin Hood. So she praised this variety, as I tried to plant one garden bed in the garden. Of the 15 bushes began all. I landed them at the end of May, and a month later the first fruits were removed. The variety is very unusual in appearance and taste. Beautiful purple-lilac color, plump, fleshy fruit. Pleased with the taste of Robin Hood fruit. The crop was enough for caviar, even dried it up a little. Inspired by the result, I decided to prepare in advance for this variety of eggplants a good garden bed with fertile soil. And in order to speed up the process we will definitely put a film greenhouse in the yard for growing seedlings of Robin Hood. Anton, 50 years old, Bryansk region With the advent of a private plot of land, there was a desire to break a large vegetable garden, and that there was always a greenhouse. My gardening activity began with the cultivation of greenery under the film. During this time, I "ennobled" my poor clay soil. Two years in a row sprinkled fertilizer, imported manure, dug up. He built a greenhouse in a sunny place and decided that this year I would definitely plant eggplants. Since I had no experience, I first began studying varieties and reading reviews. Chose Robin Hood, because he seemed to me the most unpretentious. In the autumn I finished building a greenhouse and immediately bought the seeds of this variety of eggplants. On the package was a photo of a ripe fruit of beautiful color and shape, and this helped me to finally decide on the choice of variety. In the greenhouse I made a bunch of compost, humus and fallen leaves, poured over it and covered it with film. Several times came and shovel. By spring, when it came time to sow eggplants, it turned out beautiful, crumbly soil. In late February, the seeds germinated and planted in pots. Since young plants need a lot of light, they put a box with seedlings on the window and hung a lamp on top. Ascended quickly, as indicated in the description on the package. I bought fertilizer in the form of pills in the store, diluted with water and watered every three days. After a month and a half in the pots were beautiful seedlings, each with 5-6 leaves. He landed in his greenhouse, in the aisle poured ammonium nitrate. They did it very well, after a month they had already taken off the first fruits. We often cook vegetable stews, without eggplant is not enough. The taste of Robin Hood fruit is beyond competition - the flesh is absolutely not bitter. Next year I will definitely try to plant eggplants in the garden - the land will be ready by that time. Maria, 38, Cheboksary Among all the eggplant varieties that grow in my greenhouse, this is the only one that pleases with 100% germination and abundant fruiting. On one 6-meter bed 60 cm wide every year I plant 20 bushes of Robin Hood. I make seedlings of eggplants myself, from my seeds. For each seedling for the season I collect more than 2 kg of fruit. And the most beautiful of them leave for seed. For our family, the harvest eggplant is enough for caviar, and for other blanks.