The best varieties of cucumbers for Siberia for open ground

To get a big and healthy harvest from cucumber beds is not difficult if you choose the right variety that fully meets the climatic conditions of the area in which you live. Cucumbers, intended for cultivation in Siberia and the Rostov region, will be radically different in the methods of growing seedlings and care, so the choice should be taken with full responsibility.

Given that the cucumber is a heat-loving culture, the seedlings should be planted in the warm soil prepared in advance or select a variety adapted to temperature and humidity variations.

How to decide on the choice of varieties

Not every summer resident has the opportunity to place a massive greenhouse on his plot, so cucumbers on house territories are most often grown in open ground with or without film.

Experienced gardeners advise growing for open ground several varieties of seedlings in order to get a crop from early spring until mid-autumn.

To choose a variety when choosing, you can as follows:

  1. Early ripe with large fruits for salads and late-ripened gherkins for canning.
  2. Self-pollinated and insect-borne. Having landed two types of plants can increase the likelihood of obtaining a good harvest.
  3. Hybrids for open ground and zoned varieties.

Whatever cultivation options you choose, be sure to consider planting at least a few bushes of early ripe cucumbers. These include the varieties "Zozulya" and "April". The peculiarity of these cucumbers is that they are adapted to the transfer of seedlings to the open ground in early spring, bring large fruits with thin skin and small seeds. Among agrarians, these two varieties are considered to be the best for using them raw.

For early planting in open ground is widely used and such a variety as "Libelle". This is a universal insecticide hybrid with a long growing season. Fruits reach a length of 8-10 cm, so ideal for salads, and for canning.

There are varieties of cucumbers that feel remarkably well in the open field in clear and warm weather, but require film protection in strong winds and lower air temperatures. If you have the opportunity to equip the frame with a film that can be removed, pay attention to such varieties as Annika, Vladimir, Boborik, Bidretta. All of them are early ripe, and with proper care and protection from the weather they produce large and tasty harvests. The following information will help you choose the best varieties of cucumbers for open ground.

Selection and purchase of planting material

When buying planting material, determine for yourself exactly what you want to see cucumbers, what they are intended for, and in what way you think to grow seedlings. If you live in the regions of Central or Western Siberia, it is better to choose those varieties whose seedlings will get stronger in greenhouse and home conditions, and only then will be transferred to the open ground. If you live in the southern regions, and are going to plant cucumbers in the country during the summer time, you will need mid-season varieties, the seeds of which can be planted directly in open soil.

With all the variety of planting material on the shelves of stores, to make a choice is simple - on each package with seeds there is a clear instruction describing the variety and the possibilities of planting and growing.

Bush cucumbers

Pay attention to another type of plant - it is bush cucumbers. This culture is great for open suburban areas, as the rods branch not on the ground, but rise upwards. This makes it possible to cultivate cucumbers in the spring, and there is full confidence that the plant will not suffer during a cold snap on the surface of the ground.

The main advantages of the bush varieties of cucumber include the following:

  • Resistance to temperature extremes and common fungal diseases.
  • Compact plant. In height, the size of the bush does not exceed 75-80 cm.
  • Versatility. Fruits of medium size are well suited for use in salads and for canning.
  • Productivity Hybrids bred bear fruit even in lean years.

And most importantly, some varieties of bush cucumbers are adapted for planting seed in open ground even in the regions of Western Siberia.


These varieties, intended for cultivation in greenhouses and in the open field, have excellent taste, and, most importantly, due to their small size, are ideal for pickling and preservation.

When choosing gherkins try to pay attention to partrokrapicheskie hybrids. Such plants are usually bred by breeders with good, stable data. Remember that choosing gherkins for planting in open ground, you will need to provide them with a balanced diet in the form of fertilizers such as magnesium, potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus, and mandatory drip irrigation.


Open-field cucumber varieties are highly resistant to viral and fungal diseases, are well tolerated by sudden drops in temperature, and, as a rule, do not require special care. In addition, it is the hybrids that differ from other varieties in that they have the longest growing season.

Important! The only disadvantage of planting hybrids is that the seeds of these plants are unsuitable for storage and planting in the next season.

Feedback from both experienced gardeners and beginners suggests that the right hybrid for your region is the best choice for planting cucumbers in open ground.

The best early varieties for open ground

If you choose the right approach, taking into account all the planting conditions, you can get a harvest from early varieties for open ground in early July. At the same time, remember that when choosing seeds, based on the criteria of climate resistance, it is better to buy those that tolerate cooling of air and soil well.

For example, if a variety has proven itself to be planted in open ground in the regions of Western Siberia, it will take root in southern Russia, but not vice versa.


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Self-pollinated early ripe hybrid. The growing season begins at 45-50 days from the moment of seedling emergence. It is highly resistant to viral diseases and temperature extremes. The fruits have a smooth cylindrical shape, the skin is dark green in color with pronounced large tubercles.

Moscow dude

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The variety is designed for planting and growing in open ground, resistant to cold temperatures, suitable for cultivation in the regions of Central Russia, Central and Western Siberia. Treats insect-erased early ripe grades. Fruits are medium sized, light green colored with white blurry stripes. The average weight of a cucumber is 100 grams. Moscow dude is resistant to bacterial infections and olive blotch.

Murom 36

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Among experienced gardeners it is believed that this is the best early ripening varieties among those that are planted in open ground. It is highly resistant to viral and bacterial infections. Fruits in the period of full maturity reach sizes of 8-10 cm, however, during storage, the skin can turn yellow.

Altai Early 166

Reviews gardeners

Lyubov Polyanskaya, Voronezh. I have been growing cucumbers on open ground for over 3 years, experimenting with varieties every year. I want to share at least a little experience. In the last year, she was very attentive to the selection of seeds, she stopped at mid-ripening Athlet hybrids. The seedlings were grown according to the instructions on the package, and then it was fertilized by the plant. The harvest turned out to be tasty, albeit small (only 5 bushes were planted). I recommend this variety to all beginners! Grigory Olegovich, Krasnoyarsk region. I consider myself to be an experienced gardener. Everything is correctly written about the varieties that are grown in Siberia. I would like to add another great variety - Unity. Soot them not for the first time. Pickles ripen in the fifth week, the whole family loves the taste. So far I can not imagine another variety.