Eggplant varieties and hybrids

Eggplant is a perennial plant, but our gardeners, for some reason, grow it as an annual. The eggplant fruit can be not only a purple top hat, but also a berry of a completely different color. The color of eggplant skins varies from dark brown with a reddish tinge to brown with a grayish tint depending on the variety. The fruit may be pear-shaped, serpentine, spherical with white or slightly greenish flesh.

Eggplant is exotic in that its birthplace is India. From Latin, the name "eggplant" translates as "nightshade with apple." The ancient Romans believed that eggplant is a poisonous vegetable and the one who uses it for food will become insane. Also known as badridzhan.

Modern eggplant hybrids are distinguished by high taste and fertility. With one bush for the season, you can collect a sufficient amount of ripe fruits that are ready for transportation, storage and, of course, for human consumption.

Varieties and hybrids

All eggplants grown in our country belong to the Central Asian type of eggplant, to the ecological-geographical groups of the east and west. The eastern group represents early ripening varieties, and the western - middle and late ripening varieties.

Consider the best and most cultivated varieties of eggplant.


In addition to proper planting, eggplant throughout life always requires constant care, which is to maintain optimal conditions of humidity and temperature, timely loosen the soil, protection from pests and diseases, regular watering. In the daytime, the temperature in the greenhouse should be at the level of 24 - 28 degrees Celsius with a humidity of not more than 60 - 70%. The soil should always be in a loose state, so after each watering the earth loosens.


The best varieties of eggplant are presented in this article. With an absolute guarantee they will give a good harvest, but with proper and constant care for them. Despite the fact that they give a good harvest, eggplant is still a whimsical culture and requires sufficient attention from the gardener.