Herbicide Ground - protection against weeds: reviews

Fighting at the dacha or backyard with weeds is a thankless and exhausting job. It seems, everything, dealt with weeds - yes it was not there that! A few days later, the "army of the enemy" is again fully armed. We have to start a new attack. If you do not destroy weeds, then no harvest will be obtained.

Novice gardeners are interested in whether it is possible to somehow release summer days for rest, and not for permanent work at the site. Sure you may. There are various drugs that help get rid of green vampires in the beds without much effort and without harm to cultivated plants. You can use the herbicide Ground on weeds. This is an effective tool, and the reviews of gardeners about him mostly positive. The main thing is to follow the instructions for use.

Main characteristics

As a rule, gardeners kill weeds manually or use mechanical methods. But they do not always help get rid of green vampires, taking food from cultivated plants and impoverishing the soil. If the garden is growing a large number of weeds, and all methods have already been tried, you will have to resort to tough measures.

The drug Graund BP - a herbicide of continuous action, that is, it acts on all weeds and cultivated plants in the same way, and not selectively. The active ingredient is glyphosate 360 ​​g / l.

Comment! Constant use of the tool will allow you to get rid of green vampires, though not forever, but for a long time.

Packing for work at the summer cottage at the Ground herbicide from weeds can be different:

  • 5 ml ampoules;
  • tubes 50 ml;
  • tubes 100 ml;
  • 250 ml bottles.

On any packaging there is a measured risk or measuring cup. For large agricultural producers, the Ground herbicide is produced from weeds in a larger container.

Herbicide Benefits

  1. Ground BP from weeds (instructions to read carefully) - effective for the destruction of all types of weeds, including malicious perennials.
  2. Apply herbicide as a desiccant to accelerate the ripening of potatoes, cotton, rice, castor and other cultivated grain and vegetable crops before harvesting.
  3. Ground from weeds does not accumulate in the soil, so the negative impact on the environment and the crop does not have. According to the reviews of gardeners - a safe drug.
  4. Another advantage of an effective herbicide is its low cost.


Ground can be used extensively from weeds, which is especially appreciated not only by agricultural producers, but also by workers who have a duty to remove weeds in large areas:

  • along highways;
  • on railway tracks;
  • along power lines;
  • around various institutions, in parks and squares, around playgrounds and so on.

See the photo below for how the Ground weeds are treated with a weed.

It is possible to process sown areas for grain, tuberous and root crops in early spring or autumn before sowing winter crops. In forests, Ground destroys weeds that prevent growth and development of seedlings.

In each case, the rate of consumption of the drug Graund BP from weeds will be different. The dosage is indicated in the instructions for use. It will also depend on the weed species on the site.

Important! Every year in the world produce and use up to 4.5 million tons of herbicides.

Peculiarities of impact on weeds

Herbicide Graund green vampires are treated during the growing season. But do not wait for the weeds to fade. After all, the seeds from the funds do not die. Upon contact with the leaves, the drug Ground begins to drain the plant, penetrating farther and farther into the root. It is impossible to immediately notice the changes, but after 5-7 days the yellowing begins, the plant becomes sluggish and dies after 21 days.

It is clear that when a solution of Ground Graduation gets into contact with cultivated plants, the same will happen to them. Therefore, before spraying weeds growing in a garden or flower bed, vegetables, flowers are covered with a screen of any dense materials.

Novice gardeners are interested in what time of day it is possible to carry out the treatment with Ground - protection from weeds of continuous action. We answer:

  1. Choose warm weather without wind. It is desirable that in the next 10 hours there will be no precipitation.
  2. As they say in the reviews about the ground-action herbicide, our readers sprayed weeds with the appearance of the first rays of the sun or after its setting. The longer the tool lingers on the green mass, the more effective its destructive effect on the weed.
  3. If you spray the drug during the day, then insects may suffer. Particularly sensitive to the herbicide Ground from bee weeds. They do not die, but the fumes annoy insects and cause aggression.

Features of the preparation of the working solution

Before you start preparing the working solution from Graunda from weeds, the instructions for use must be studied. It lists all the nuances relating to the herbicide.

Consider more:

  1. According to the instructions for use, it is not recommended to prepare a solution of the herbicide in advance, so that it does not lose its effect.
  2. The rate of funds for each type of treatment is indicated on the packaging. It is measured in advance. Warm water (at least 15 degrees) is poured into a large sprayer on a third of the volume. Then fill the herbicide Ground from the weeds. After mixing, add the required amount of water.
  3. It is necessary to set the minimum pressure in the sprayer so that small sprays do not form. In this case, the risk of contact of the Graund's herbicide on cultivated plants is minimized. It is advisable to use a spray with a long nozzle.
  4. After work, no liquid can be left in the tank, the residues of the herbicide are poured on the weeds, and the sprayer is thoroughly washed with any detergent.

The preparation Ground from weeds can work on any areas where green vampires grow, including in wastelands. Vegetable garden can be processed for 20-21 days before planting crops, as well as during the vegetative period, observing precautions. But it is best to use it in early spring or autumn after harvest.

A warning! In no case can not dig up the soil before processing.

Herbicide Ground from weeds, according to the instructions, penetrates to the roots through the green mass, it does not affect the remaining roots in the ground.

Security measures

The drug Ground GP has 3 toxicity class, harmless to humans and animals, does not accumulate in the ground. In addition to the recommendations on the preparation of the working solution from the herbicide for the destruction of weeds, you must also follow certain safety measures while working with it:

  1. The spraying of weeds with the Ground herbicide is carried out in protective clothing. On the face should be a mask or respirator, in the eyes of glasses. Hands protect with rubber gloves.
  2. It is forbidden to eat food, alcohol, smoke during work.
  3. At the end of the procedure, you need to thoroughly wash with warm water and soap or take a shower, drink a glass of cold milk.
  4. If the weed solution gets into the eyes, rinse with water and seek medical treatment.
Attention! Children and animals must not be allowed on the treated area for at least a week.

Spilled solution is sprinkled with sand and removed from the site. At the contaminated place you need to pour a large amount of soap solution.

Important about herbicides:

Herbicide Reviews Ground

Nikita, 42, Ekaterinburg Two years ago I bought on the occasion of a summer cottage belonging to a lonely old man. It is clear that the grandfather did not have the power to process it. Although the beds were clean. The store advised Roundup and Ground. Bought both herbicide. Corroded weeds each of them in different parts of the country. Both means proved to be great. The following year, the main summer cottage area was freed from perennial weeds. Remained only along the fence. I think that I will deal with herbicides with them. Seraphim, 25 years old, Kazan I also use Ground in flowerbeds. But I do not spray the weeds, but I grease them with a wide brush. It works superbly.Nikolay, 44 years old, Brest. I want to give advice to gardeners and gardeners on the treatment of weeds with herbicides. The solution acts faster if there are sections on the grass. Therefore, I first mow the weedy land, and then spray it.