The best varieties of zucchini for open ground

Zucchini is a unique vegetable, which is widely used in cooking. It is boiled, fried, canned, used for cooking vegetable caviar, consumed raw. It grows in almost every garden, however, few people know that its homeland is distant Mexico. It turned out to be quite simple to grow it in our latitudes, and even the conditions of open ground are excellent for this. Modern selection offers a wide range of unpretentious crops, among which are the best varieties of zucchini for open ground, characterized by excellent taste, high yield, unique appearance of the fruit.

The most popular varieties

The most important task on the way to obtaining a rich harvest is the selection of seeds. So, only in one store can be represented more than 100 different varieties of zucchini, which are designed for open ground and have approximately the same picture on the package. And how in this situation do not get confused? For experienced gardeners, the choice of variety has long been shaped by many years of practice, but it is not easy for beginners. But there is one great way out: you can rely on the opinion of professionals. So, below we will try to bring the TOP-5 of the most popular varieties for growing on open ground.


Hybrid representative of the Dutch selection. Perfect for growing in open areas. The plant is self-pollinating, which allows you to successfully bear fruit, regardless of weather conditions. Zucchini is resistant to common diseases and fruit ripening.

Reviews gardeners

Ulyana Timiryazeva, 52, Vyazma My favorite sort of zucchini is Iskander. He has been sootting him for many years, never failed: always a rich harvest, the taste of zucchini is wonderful. I advise everyone. Kachan Vladimir, 55 years old, Nizhny Novgorod On the advice of a neighbor, planted a variety of Gold Rush. The seeds turned out to be 100% viable, the vegetables were ripe quickly, the taste of vegetables was excellent: the flesh was tender and sweet, the skin of the squash was thin. The harvest pleased us with the scale: it was enough to eat and roll up for the winter season. Now this squash will be a permanent "resident" of my garden.