The best varieties of eggplant for Siberia

The template "eggplant is a southern vegetable, in the north and there is nothing to think of growing it" today has been successfully destroyed by the eggplants themselves. More precisely, those varieties of eggplants that successfully bear fruit in the open Siberian soil. Yes, a good yield is shown.

Of course, when growing eggplants in Siberia, it is necessary to take into account certain nuances. But in general, labor costs Siberian eggplant does not differ from the south.

The best "Siberian" eggplants can be of very different sizes, shapes, colors and yields, but they are united by frost resistance and the ability to early fruiting.

Important! For open ground in Siberia, it is necessary to choose early and mid-season eggplant varieties.

Late-ripening variety does not have time to ripen, as the summer in Siberia, though hot, but short. In this case, until June there is a threat of frost, due to which eggplants can be planted in the ground only from mid-June.

The main problem of eggplant in Siberia: the draft and the cold wind. Even growing eggplant seedlings on the windowsill, gardeners are trying to protect it from the cold air blowing through the window slits. When landing in the ground eggplant is often covered with a film on the arcs.

Due to the large difference between the external and internal temperature, condensate accumulates under the film, which increases the humidity of the air inside the shelters and contributes to the development of fungal diseases. For this reason, many gardeners are beginning to use mulch as a heat insulating material.

Important! When choosing a variety, one should pay attention not only to frost resistance and early ripening, but also to resistance to fungal diseases.

Vegetable growers are constantly looking for the best plant varieties for their regions. Often, to choose a variety to their liking, you have to experiment. Narrow the range of searches, you can selection by one or two parameters.

Varieties capable of bearing fruit in the open field of Siberia

King of the north

Multiple early variety. Fruits in the fourth month after seed germination. The height of the bush is small. Do not exceed forty-five centimeters. Branchiness is weak, from three to five stalks of violet color. Due to the small height and location of the fruit in the lower part, the stems do not break.

The grade is unpretentious and needs only removal of the turning yellow leaves and stepsons for the best illumination of flowers and leaves on the main stalks. It is also necessary to loosen the soil and remove weeds. The yield of this multi-fruited variety can reach six kilograms per unit area.

The fruits are round-pear-shaped, matte, weighing up to three hundred grams. Overripe eggplants become brown-brown in color. Collecting eggplants for processing is necessary at the stage of violet coloring before the beginning of browning. When overriding the skin of eggplant coarsens. The variety is used in cooking, eggplant has good taste.


Thus, you can choose the best of the best varieties of eggplant, focusing on the descriptions of varieties and experience more experienced eggplant.

Attention! During the generation of fruits three or four times it is necessary to loosen the soil.

Eggplants need double feeding with complex fertilizer: a week after transplanting in open ground and a month later. You can also pre-fertilize the soil well with organic matter. In the soil before planting eggplant seedlings to make humus or compost and thoroughly dig.