The best fruit varieties of squash squash

Favorite by many gardeners zucchini is a relative of the pumpkin. The vegetable has a whole vitamin complex and excellent taste. However, the highly woven varieties presented some difficulty in growing this plant, especially in small areas. Today, in many gardens there is a squash bush with compact lashes. What kind of plant and what varieties are we are going to analyze now.

The main differences squash squash

Most often it is customary to plant zucchini in open beds to save room for other crops in the greenhouse. Varieties for open ground should have a large shrub with powerful leaves that are resistant to hail attacks and various pests. It is important that the zucchini be endowed with good immunity from common diseases. Plants must endure all bad weather conditions and at the same time bear tasty fruits. A good example of bush varieties is "Gribovskie 37", "Kuand", "Zolotinka", "Chaklun".

Among the bush plants there are many varieties, but when choosing the seeds of zucchini for their garden, you need to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • In order for the plant to grow well and bear fruit, the variety must correspond to the climatic zone. Squashes, as well as cucumbers, are a heat-loving vegetable, but there are cold-resistant varieties.
  • The culture is grown for eating. Here the vegetable is subdivided into fruits intended for the preservation and preparation of fresh vegetable dishes.
  • As for taste, zucchini shines with its diversity. Fruits are with different hardness of the pulp, less or more juicy, with or without seeds. Here every gardener chooses a vegetable according to his preferences.
  • It is important to pay attention to yield. Naturally, the more a plant brings fruit, the variety is considered the best. However, this figure is directly related to the purpose of the zucchini. If the fruit is used for animal feed, its taste is not important, the main thing is to have a high yield. For eating, bad zucchini will not go, so for the sake of taste, you can give up the yield.
  • The period of fruiting in a good plant should be long, and in terms of ripening zucchini are divided, like all crops, into early, middle and late.

In the garden it is optimal to grow several bush varieties of zucchini. This will allow you to adjust the ripening time, increase the variety in purpose and receive fruits with different taste quality.

The distinction of squash squash in imported and domestic breeding

On the shelves of seed shops you can find a lot of imported and domestic varieties. Which courgette to prefer to decide the owner, and for clarity, let's find out their differences:

  • Bush zucchini domestic varieties have only one plus - cold resistance. Although, if you take some varieties of foreign breeding, they are not inferior in this indicator. Domestic breeders are a little behind with the development of new varieties, so there is not much to choose from.
  • Zucchini foreign varieties yield better than domestic counterparts. Among them, you can choose a vegetable that is suitable for taste and purpose. However, such overseas zucchini requires precise compliance with the technology of cultivation. At the slightest non-compliance with the conditions, the plant reduces the yield, starts to hurt and gradually dies. Fruits of imported varieties are distinguished by excellent presentation, which does not change during long-term storage.

For comparison of imported with domestic varieties of zucchini, it is important to pay attention to such an indicator as over-ripeness.

Attention! Many gardeners know that in time a zucchini not removed from a bush in a couple of days will go only to feed animals. This pattern is characteristic of all domestic varieties.

Many hybrids of imported breeding can leave the fruit on the plant for a long time, without deterioration in taste.

Choosing a variety of squash squash on popularity

There are so many squash plants that it is difficult to list all cultures. As always, let's start our ranking with the most popular varieties. According to surveys of summer residents, the demand for such zucchini is due to taste and yield.

Gribovsky GOLD

Squashes have traditionally taken root in our kitchen and are most often in demand in spring and summer. To please your family with a tasty vegetable, you need to choose the most appropriate variety of this crop for your garden.