Early eggplants for open field

Open ground most gardeners consider the best way to grow vegetables. For planting on the garden, it is recommended to choose the most fruitful and early ripe varieties of eggplant. When choosing a variety, you must consider a number of indicators:

  1. Stability and yield under adverse environmental conditions. Modern breeders are constantly working to improve the properties of eggplant. New hybrids and common varieties can withstand lower temperatures, gusts of wind and increased heat.
  2. The structure of the bush. For a small area it is good to plant not very sprawling, compact plants. The normal density of planting seedlings - 5 bushes per 1 square. m of soil and withstand inter-row sizes. It is better to take into account the size of the site and create comfortable conditions for early eggplants.
  3. Soil fertility. Eggplants love the soil light, loose, sandy, well-fertilized. Be sure to try to adhere to the sequence of crop changes for open ground.
  4. The possibility of good watering and nutrition. The plants are moisture-loving, sensitive to the introduction of nutrients. They love the right timely watering and feeding.
  5. Thermal mode. At low temperature or intense heat may die. It is better to plant early eggplants in those places where the soil warms easily and there is no strong wind. You can protect the landing with a portable greenhouse. Warming is preserved, and the wind does not pester the plant.
  6. Maturation term. In order to protect the eggplant from an early decrease in temperature, early ripening varieties should be chosen. This is especially true in areas with a cool climate.

Early ripe eggplants have dwarf bushes or sredneroslye, but sprawling and branching. All parts of the plant are purple tones. But the shape of the fruit can be chosen for every taste:

  • pear-shaped;
  • oval;
  • cylindrical;
  • round.

The color scale of fruits is so various that in an open ground it is possible to place early eggplants in a beautiful combination.

Choosing early varieties

To ensure the need for vegetables for food and indulge yourself, growing early eggplants, you can pick extraordinary varieties.


Another representative of the hybrids, who endure cold. For harvest, 70 days from full germination is enough. Fruits are dark purple, cylindrical, with excellent taste. The bush grows up to 1 meter in height, strongly leafy and powerful. Crop harvested to frost.


The selection of breeding varieties is huge, new names appear every year. You can stay on your favorite variety of eggplant, and you can try new ones. This will give an opportunity to get other qualities of your favorite vegetable. Many varieties have strong resistance to diseases, pests and weather fluctuations. To stop the choice on the worthy representative it is simple, and cultivation will give pleasure. After all, hardy varieties do not require constant attention and slightly simplify agrotechnical measures.