Diamond Eggplant

Eggplant varieties "Almaz" can rightfully be considered the most popular for growing not only in Russia, but also in the regions of Ukraine and Moldova. As a rule, it is planted in a closed ground, for which it was intended. Among the seeds in the store, it is Almaz that is most often chosen, and on many agribusiness sites it has been presented as the best-selling product for many years. We characterize the variety, describe its advantages and disadvantages, show the real photos of the crop.

Short description

“Diamond” is an eggplant variety, which means that seeds of over-ripe fruits can be harvested and planted again.

The basis was taken only reviews of gardeners, who independently grew eggplant "Diamond" in their garden beds.

If you plant this variety one day, it will become the most loved one. Most gardeners consider it a classic and are planted every year, knowing the characteristics of the variety. This allows you to guarantee a great harvest of eggplant from their beds. The experience of many for beginners will serve as an example.