White eggplant varieties

In common people it so happened that eggplants are called "blue ones." First of all, this is due to the natural color of the vegetable, and, more precisely, the berries. However, over time, this name has lost its relevance, because eggplants of various colors, including white ones, are known.

A wide variety of white varieties includes plants differing in size, yield, taste of the fruit. Among them, every gardener will be able to choose for themselves white eggplants, in accordance with their agricultural and taste preferences.

Assortment of white varieties

It's no secret that ordinary purple eggplants are often bitter. This is due to the content of the substance solanine, which is considered a natural poison. In order to remove it, before cooking, eggplants are subjected to special treatment, soaked. White varieties lack this enzyme and contain a greater amount of potassium, calcium, and iron. That is why they are deservedly considered the most delicious and healthy. And earlier they were considered completely curative. Due to the absence of bitterness, most of them can be consumed fresh. The most famous white varieties are listed below:


One of the most popular varieties. It is characterized by a ripening period of average duration (100-110 days) and high yield (18 kg / m2). The plant is small, up to 70 cm, adapted to open areas and greenhouse conditions.

Reviews gardeners

Daria Zabotina, 40 years old, Klimovo. I have been growing eggplants for many years. Previously, mostly chose purple varieties. They are a little bitter, so before cooking, soaked in salted water. And this year, on the advice of a neighbor, she planted two white varieties: the Most Tender and Swan. And those and other eggplants were born snow-white in color, although the fruits of the first grade were a bit bigger, but on the whole I was very pleased with the harvest. And most importantly, white eggplants are not bitter at all, which allows them to be prepared without prior processing. Tamara Shestakova, 36 years old, Smolensk Last year, Pelikan planted the variety. Compared with the "blue" varieties, I did not notice any peculiarities in cultivation, everything is as usual. But at the same time, the yield of white eggplants turned out to be much higher than that of purple ones, although they grew in equal conditions. The taste of eggplants is wonderful, not bitter at all, the flesh is very tender. Next year I plan to plant again the seeds of the Pelican variety, and some more white eggplant variety instead of a purple vegetable.