The best crop of self-pollinated cucumbers for open ground

It sounds a bit intimidating, but the cucumber has been known to humanity for more than six thousand years. It is quite natural that during the period of such a long acquaintance, many thousands of the most varied varieties and hybrids were bred, helping to more fully reveal the excellent qualities and properties of one of the most popular vegetables. One of these properties was the ability to self-pollination, improved and fixed in many varieties. High-yielding varieties of open-ground cucumbers are self-pollinated - this is one of the most common options for solving the problems of vegetable growers typical of central Russia. What does this quality bring in domestic conditions?

Self-pollinating cucumber varieties - concept and virtues

Very often under the concept of self-pollinated understand the varieties of cucumbers, which do not need to be pollinated by bees or other plants. In fact this is not true. Two types of cucumbers at once do not need the participation of bees or other insects in the formation of fruits, namely:

  • parthencarpic cucumber varieties (self-fruited). They do not need pollination at all, therefore there are no seeds in their fruits;
  • self-pollinating varieties of cucumbers. They have in their colors and pistil, and stamens, that is, absolutely self-sufficient. The process of pollination occurs within the framework of a single plant, and the fruits, which are completely natural, have seeds.

Partenocarpic and self-pollinating varieties are in many respects similar in terms of the methods used in their cultivation and the methods of agricultural engineering, as well as their advantages.

What are the advantages of these varieties of cucumbers, because of the presence of which they are so widespread?

Firstly, these varieties are ideal for growing in greenhouses and greenhouses, where it is not always possible to provide free access to the bees. This considerably simplifies their cultivation, as compared with the bee-pollinated varieties, since there is no need for special attraction of insects.

Secondly, and this is more important for the topic of this article, parthenocarpic and self-pollinating varieties are perfectly suited for the open ground of central Russia and even more northern areas of the country. The fact is that the number of sunny and warm days, when bees are most active, in these regions is small. Therefore, an important advantage is the possibility of fruiting on cold and cloudy days. This is what distinguishes self-pollinating cucumber varieties, which have long been recognized as the best for central Russia.

The best varieties of self-pollinated cucumbers for open ground

Currently, there are many hybrids of self-pollinating cucumbers, among which there are both early and late. But given the need for cultivation in the open field, the early varieties of cucumbers in domestic conditions are in great demand and popularity.


April Hybrid is one of the most common and popular for most regions of Russia.

Fruits at the genetic level are devoid of even hints of bitterness, have excellent taste properties, which are manifested both in fresh form and in canning.


A large number of self-pollinating hybrids and cucumber varieties for cultivation in the open field makes gardening even more exciting, interesting and, importantly, useful. It is proper use of the properties and qualities of the available varieties of plants, when the best seeds of the most suitable varieties are taken, allows us to achieve the best yields and excellent taste of the fruit.