Cucumbers for open ground for the Moscow region

Cucumber is one of the most common and favorite vegetables in Russia. Despite the fact that the plant is distinguished by its rare thermophilicity, it has been grown for a very long time in the middle zone, which would seem to be not very suitable for this crop, especially in the conditions of open ground. Nevertheless, in many regions, including the suburbs, they achieve good and stable yields of cucumbers, and planting them both in greenhouses and in conditions of open ground. The reasons for this are simply explained: competent and accurate observance of the basic agrotechnical rules for growing vegetables, using the best and most suitable varieties and hybrids of cucumbers for any kind of soil.

Climatic and natural features of the Moscow region

The Moscow region is located in central Russia, one might say, in the very heart of its European part. Therefore, like most other regions of this region of the country, it is, and rightly so, to the zone of risky agriculture. This does not mean at all that cultivation for the open ground of such a sufficiently demanding to heat culture as a cucumber is impossible. It’s just that you need to follow certain rules. In particular, only the best varieties and hybrids of cucumbers that meet the following basic requirements are suitable for growing in the Moscow region in the open ground:

  • ripening time should not exceed 45-50 days. The reasons for this are obvious and understandable - it is difficult to expect a longer warm period in the Moscow region. Therefore, cucumber varieties should be used early;
  • it is desirable to use self-pollinated (parthenocarpic) varieties and hybrids of cucumbers. This requirement is due to the fact that the number of warm sunny days when insects are active (primarily bees) in the region of the Moscow region is small. And in rainy and cold weather, the bees are very reluctant to move, which can cause a serious decrease in yield among the dependent varieties. Self-pollinated varieties lack such an interconnection, and therefore are much more stable. It should be understood that completely abandon the bee-pollinated varieties in any case is not worth it - their presence on the garden contributes to higher yields and is useful even for other varieties of cucumbers;
  • other things being equal, preference should be given to universal varieties that can be used both for salads, and for canning and salting. To a greater extent, this is a matter of taste, but such varieties and hybrids may not be distinguished by particularly high yields, but they do not fall below a certain level. This is an important advantage in open-field conditions of the Moscow region that are not always suitable for cucumbers.

It is also recommended by most experts to reduce the risk of crop failure at the same time planted from 3 to 7 hybrids or cucumber varieties with different properties and qualities. This will allow even in the worst case to guarantee the yield of some of them.

The best varieties and hybrids of cucumbers for the Moscow region



The above best varieties and hybrids are far from exhausting the broadest list of cucumber varieties that can be successfully grown in the open field of the Moscow region. Several thousand varieties of a popular vegetable are officially registered in the state register, many of which meet the challenging requirements of central Russia. Therefore, every gardener can easily find varieties or hybrids that are suitable for him and the best for him.