Varieties of Chinese cucumbers for the greenhouse

Chinese, or long-fruited cucumber is a whole subspecies of the family of melons. In appearance and taste, this vegetable is almost not different from ordinary cucumbers - green rind, dense and juicy flesh. Only in length this cucumber can reach 50-80 cm.

The plant can produce good yields in the greenhouse and in open ground conditions. Resistant to disease, heat and tolerates temperature reduction. Some varieties of Chinese cucumbers give their first harvest a month after sowing seeds.

In addition to high yields (from 30 kg of cucumbers from one bush), all the varieties of this plant are distinguished by good taste and unpretentiousness in cultivation.

The optimum planting density (4-5 plants per sq. M) allows you to save space in the greenhouse.

Important! In order for long and even fruits to form, plants need a support (trellis). If a Chinese cucumber grows on the ground, the fruits, devoid of air, are ugly and hooked.

But there are also disadvantages. These include a low percentage (about 2%) of germination of cucumber seeds, a small shelf life of not more than a day and the fact that some cucumber varieties are unsuitable for canning.

Chinese cucumber varieties

The choice of Chinese cucumber varieties depends on what they are intended for. All of them differ not only in appearance, but also in terms of ripening and the degree of resistance to cucumber diseases.

Cucumber variety "Chinese Snake"

A variety bred specifically for growing in a greenhouse. Fruiting begins 30-40 days after planting seedlings in the ground. Fruits are bright green in color, grow to 50-60 cm, have a slightly twisted shape. On the skin - rare and large tubercles. The flesh is juicy, with a slightly sweet taste, without bitterness. Large fruits are well suited for salads. Cucumbers with a length of 12-15 cm are tasty and salted. But to shoot small fruits is unprofitable when it comes to growing Chinese cucumbers on an industrial scale.

Top dressing of cucumbers is carried out very carefully - at a distance of 20-30 cm they spread fertilizer and slightly loosen the ground, to a depth of 5-6 cm, so that it does not get tamped. As the stalk grows, it is neatly tied to the trellis, cutting off the yellowed lower leaves.

Most greenhouse varieties are pollinated by themselves. During the flowering period, when the weather is already warm, you can open a greenhouse during the daytime. It is only necessary to ensure that there are no drafts.

For the full growth of Chinese cucumbers need water. With the advent of the first fruits, the plant is watered and sprayed every day. Chemical and organic fertilizers should not be applied - the earth is already sufficiently saturated with all necessary. An excess of chemicals during the fruiting period can spoil the taste of the cucumbers themselves.

In the conditions of an open ground the plant bears fruit up to the first frost In the greenhouse, the period of fruiting can be increased. For this you need to heat the greenhouse. For optimal growth it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature - 30-35 degrees.


Growing Chinese cucumbers is an interesting and profitable occupation. With a minimum of financial costs and effort, you can collect up to 40 kg of tasty and fragrant fruits from just one shrub. One cucumber is quite enough to feed a regular salad of 3-5 people with fresh salad.

There is an opinion that the Chinese cucumber, after cutting a part from it, continues to grow, and the cut restores its original structure. Experiments gardeners showed that this statement is true only half. Indeed, after cutting the cucumber does not die, and can grow a little more. But the cut point dries out, and such a cucumber loses its presentation.

Therefore, it is better to adhere to the general rules of picking cucumber harvest, and the plants will delight with tasty fruits for a long time.