Varieties of cucumbers for the Rostov region in the open ground

In the Rostov region, which is considered a favorable region in our country, not only cucumbers are grown, but also many other vegetables. Considering the convenient location of the Rostov region (in the south of the Russian Federation), the region has excellent natural conditions and fertile soil. Cabbage, as well as zucchini, a variety of cucumbers, and other crops are planted in open ground. Vegetables ripen in the Rostov region a few months earlier than in other regions of the Russian Federation. Let's talk about which cucumbers to choose for planting in open ground in the Rostov region.

Given the favorable climatic conditions of the area, cucumbers are planted here mainly in open ground.

The specifics of growing cucumbers in the Rostov region

Cucumbers are unpretentious and fast-growing vegetables that ripen in this region by the beginning of June. What varieties of cucumbers better planted in the spring in the ground? Local gardeners prefer the bee-pollinating varieties of the hybrid species.

Attention! The main advantage of hybrids pollinated by bees is their resistance to disease, weathering, rapid maturation.

Planting varieties

When selecting cucumbers for this southern region, it is necessary to pay special attention to the seeds that are chosen by the agro-industrial experts of the region.

Tip! Last year, local farmers were named Madame, Kai, Gerda as varieties with maximum yield.

Cucumbers of these varieties gave yields of almost 40 tons per hectare!

In addition, these cucumbers have excellent resistance to changes in air temperature, do not need constant feeding. Such materials are ready for planting, both in open ground and in polycarbonate greenhouses.

Among the best varieties for this area, there are also "Chinese" cucumbers, as well as cornish cucumbers. The correct solution will be landing in the soil of the following varieties:

  • Chinese cold resistant;
  • Alligator;
  • Emerald stream.

The fruits have a thin skin, excellent taste, amazing aroma. Representatives of the gherkin look are especially popular with local farmers, they prefer to plant the following seed materials in the ground:

  • Beethoven;
  • Richter;
  • Mendelssohn.

The thick skin of these cucumbers is ideal for transportation to other regions, as well as for harvesting for the winter.

Optimal types of cucumber seeds for the southern region

Professional farmers believe that for planting in open ground in the Rostov region is best to use these varieties:

  • Donskoy;
  • Local Nezhinsky;
  • Productive;
  • Success;
  • The first satellite.

We can not ignore the early versions of cucumbers, specially created for planting in the ground is not covered with a film.

Farmers who, in practice, tested all the characteristics of the above varieties, claim that they do not require special conditions for growing, are resistant to various diseases, are distinguished by early fruiting, and have excellent taste characteristics.

Early ripe cucumbers


Rostov growers consider this variety an interesting find. It is quite possible to immediately plant it in open ground.

Main characteristics:

  • Cylindrical appearance of the fruit;
  • the presence of small tubercles over the entire surface;
  • delicate skin of rich green color;
  • unique taste characteristics.


The fertile lands of the Rostov region are suitable for growing any vegetable crops or fruits. With the right selection of cucumber varieties, you can influence the increase in yield. For unprotected soil, it is advisable to select hybrid materials that are pollinated by bees that have already confirmed their resistance to various diseases, as well as to sudden temperature changes. All varieties listed above are designed for unprotected soil. When selecting a particular variety, you must take into account the quality of the soil, as well as take into account the early ripeness of the variety.