How to sow cucumber seeds on seedlings

To obtain good yields of cucumbers, many gardeners sow seeds for seedlings in a warm room. Here we must take into account the time of sowing the grains and planting seedlings in the ground. It is important to properly prepare the seed so that future plants do not hurt and bear fruit well. Let's talk about all these problems and common methods of seed germination.

Determine the time of planting seeds

In order to choose the right time when you need to sow the seeds for seedlings, you must be guided by the period of planting plants in open ground or greenhouse. This procedure depends on the climatic conditions of the region, for example, for the middle band, planting of seedlings on open beds begins on June 7, and in greenhouses - from May 10.

Plants are planted in the beds about 20 days after germination. According to the table, you can navigate in the time of sowing seeds for the middle band for seedlings.

Seed preparation before sowing

Good cucumber seedlings can be obtained only with the condition of proper preparation of seed. Purchased quality seeds guarantee 100% seedlings of healthy and strong plants. But this does not mean that the grain should just be thrown into the ground. It is required to carry out their preliminary training, which will take extra time.

There are different methods of preparing seed material, we suggest to get acquainted with one of them:

  • Seeds of cucumbers begin to cook even a month before sowing. Grains are scattered in cloth bags and hung over the radiator. Here it is important to control the temperature. If the seeds warm up to 40aboutSince then in 7 days it will be possible to continue working with them. When the temperature is above 25aboutSince it does not rise, the bags will have to hang for at least 1 month.
  • After warming up, a solution from 1 l of water and 2 tbs. l salt. Grains are thrown into salt water and observed for about five minutes. Floated soothers are thrown away, and good grains that have sunk to the bottom are washed with clean water.
  • For disinfection, a pink manganese solution is prepared, where the selected seeds are placed for 20 minutes. Then they are washed again with clean water.
  • Nutrient solution can be prepared at home from 20 g of wood ash per 1 liter of water or the juice of indoor aloe flower diluted in half with water. One of these solutions moisten the seeds. If desired, the feeding of grains can be performed with purchased microelements according to the package instructions.
  • Grain hardening occurs at different temperatures. Initially, cucumber seeds incubated for 6 hours at room temperature +20aboutC, then put them in a fridge for two days or take out to a cold veranda. Seeds should be hardened at a temperature of from 0 to -2aboutWITH.

At this grain ready for the next stage - germination.

The video shows the procedure for preparing seeds for planting:

Picking cucumber seedlings

If the cucumbers on the seedlings are sown in common boxes, after the appearance of 2 to 4 leaves of the plant are transplanted into separate cups - dive. To do this, take a special spatula or a metal spoon, hook each sprout together with the ground and place it in a cup with the prepared moist soil. Top sprinkle a little warm soil, and then water abundantly.

Cucumber seedlings are very delicate with an extensive root system. During the picking, parts of the roots are necessarily damaged, which leads to plant disease. To avoid these troubles, extra work with picking and get an early harvest, it is better to sow the seeds immediately in cups.